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Rika The You Tube Sensation
By RIka
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RIKA, Brit-Asian Teen Becomes Music Sensation Amassing Over 800,000 Views for song 'Peace for Syria'
RIKA, Brit-Asian Teen Becomes Music Sensation Amassing Over 800,000 Views for song 'Peace for Syria'
Singer, song-writer, internet celebrity, promising young artist; she dons many hats and that too at a very young age of sixteen. Chandrika Darbari popularly known as Rika is a talented Brit-Asian singer who has recently become the talk of the social media. She has acquired the status of an internet celebrity after her newly released music video went viral on YouTube. The video achieved close to a million views within a week of upload. The music video called ‘Peace for Syria’ is a heart-rending urge to bring peace to the war-struck country of Syria.
Tell us about yourself .What brought you to singing ?
My name is Chandrika Darbari. I am 16 years of age, a Brit-Asian singer and songwriter. I study and reside in London with my family. These days everybody calls me RIKA after the release of my song ‘Peace for Syria’. And I like to be called that way. I have always loved music from a very young age sounds a bit cliché but that’s true. Also, I must give credit to my parents and my music teachers who have supported and guided me to this level.
How have things changed for you after getting all this recognition with your released song For Peace Seria?
It feels nice to see your hard work reach out to so many people and the appreciation you get in return is all worth the effort. With all those appreciation, comes a sense of responsibility. Now I feel more focussed towards my music as I would like to keep up with the expectations of my audience.
Did you ever expect your song to be such a big sensation on YouTube ? What was inspiration behind this ?
Well, to be honest I wasn’t exactly planning or expecting my song to receive such an overwhelming response on YouTube but I am glad it did. The war and plight of children in Syria is very disheartening. I wanted to help in any way I could and I penned down this song. Soon after I got in touch with UNICEF (The United Nations International Children's Fund) and decided to dedicate my song for the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. I think it’s time for us to act on the basis of our common humanity. These children deserve the world’s support. The music video ‘Peace for Syria’ achieved 800,000 views within a week of upload and this itself is an indication of how people across the world strongly feel on the issue.
After the release when did you realise that it was getting popular. What was your reaction about it ?
I was so pleased and over the moon with how well the song had done and how many people saw it, because it just shows how powerful music can be in order to bring across a message. Just knowing that the children of Syria get a little voice through this song is fulfilling enough.
With two back to back hits. Studio Carry On Harry would like to know how do you decide about song selection and it's making ?
It’s all about choosing something you connect with, and something where you don’t need to fake your conviction for an emotional connection. My two YouTube covers are very much based on personal experiences, whether it being ones I’ve seen on the news or read about, or something I can share from myself.
What Genre you have already tried singing. How comfortable are you stepping out of your comfort zone as a performer ?
I have tried a few genres, but I’m certainly most comfortable singing Pop or Ballad stuff. I definitely wish to try out other genres and explore my range as an artist.
5 Good things that come with success and 5 things that you realised after this status of success ?
Well, a lot of good things come from success, but mostly one must remain in touch with reality and continue to work hard towards your goals, appreciate and thank everyone that’s been a part of this journey, and finally to eat healthy, exercise and sleep 10 hours!
A few things that you miss today getting noticed in crowds ?
I don’t get noticed as much as one may expect, but when I do it’s the greatest feeling; getting recognition from something positive.
What are your future plans .Any new projects you have signed or working on ?
Currently, I am working on my next music video with popular Brit-Asian music star ‘Tasha Tah’ under the banner of B4U Network. I am excited about working with such an established artist and I look forward to creating some beautiful stuff.
Few Years from now Where do you see yourself or Where do you want to be ?
In future, I would want to release more singles and even albums, perform on a global scale and reach out to more and more people around the world with my music. I believe that music is the single most powerful things that unite people across cultures. And I will always stand up for a cause, using my talents as a singer to bring people together in hopes of making a change.
As Studio Guest anything that comes to your mind and you want to convey to the readers ?
I am hugely grateful to everyone for their positive and overwhelming response on social media for my song. It is truly encouraging. I also urge people to come forward to help in whatever way they can to bring peace to Syria. And my song is a small step in that endeavour. So listen to the song ‘Peace for Syria’ and keep showering your love. People can also contribute to the cause with UNICEF following this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/RIKAFORPEACE And a very Big Thank you to Studio Carry On Harry for this lovely interview.

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