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Tagore Almeida ( International Filmmaker ) : I had Oceans and Oceans of Dreams
Author CarryOnHarry
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Tuesday - January 26, 2021 7:19 pm Views 374      374     
Tagore Almeida ( International Filmmaker ) : I had Oceans and Oceans of Dreams
Filmmaker Tagore Almeida is someone who is not new on Carry On Harry Studio Platform. As he said "I had oceans and oceans of dreams" , and those dreams are the reasons he had multiple times been on Carry On  Harry platform to share his work. This time around while Editor Harry Johal was in seach of inspiring people to share what keeps them dreaming more and becoming more, the spotlight again came on Tagore.

When we asked tagore how would you look back at your story and your dreams , his reply

"... when its talking about me … I was a loner having been raised away from family and in boarding schools, so i always craved for attention that I felt I needed. One fine day and only perhaps over the past decade I realized that sort of a search will never end, so I became the support to myself. Suddenly, the universe began listening to the music of my existence and I began attracting nicer people who were keen to share their life with ne and wanted to know mine."

Full Interview Of Tagore : Click Here

Read More about his life experiences and success story that made him becoming him "This is my Story ..."

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