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Lost and Found love in a mystical journey - The River Of Love
Author CarryOnHarry
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Sunday - November 15, 2020 4:17 am Views 952      952     
Lost and Found love in a mystical journey - The River Of Love
River Of Love by Akash Khurana

Recently Studio Carry On Harry got invited for the Press show of N N Sippy films " River Of Love " Directed and Written by Akash Khurana.“The River of Love” won four more awards Nov. 12. The film that has won  at the Mindfield Film Festival 2020 Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the Bi-Monthly competition (Sept./Oct. 2020) for Best Feature Film (Platinum Award), the Diamond award to Akash Khurana for Best Screenplay, the Diamond award again to Akash Khurana for Best Actor, and the Diamond award for Best Sound Design to Savita Nambrath.Film has been produced under the banner of N N Sippy films , one of the most prestigious film banner of indian cinema that has been associated with some great iconic hindi films produced by  late veteran film producer Shri N N Sippy. This film is carried forward as a legacy by his son Pravesh Sippy as producer.

Plot wise the story is journey of a man who has forgotten his past (Raahi) meets a woman (Swara) who'd rather forget hers. He combines a great power for self-destruction and penitence with a desperate need for dignity. She stoically faces all the odds life throws at her, guarding herself with her devotion to God, ready to unflinchingly brave anything that may come at her. They decide to become fellow travelers on a spiritual journey of discovery. But as one journey is about to end, a more epiphanic one is set to begin.

The story unfolds symbolically taking Ganga as Life , Its journey as journey of love.How the lives of its characters experince the twists and turns and discover about themselves forms the crux of the film.

Editor's View about film : "The film is depicting life of two wanderers Rahi / Musafir played by Veteran theatre, film and television actor Akash Khurana ( Also Writer and Director of the film ) and Swara enacted by Sheetal Menon, who helps him on his quest to find himself.  who are in search of something.missing and something that one wants to miss from life...  "  The Trishna ( the thirst ) to have more  "what they know.... What  they have ..." , and in the process discover about themselves , an unknown past over the Journey beautifully picturised on the river Ganga. Using beautiful locations along the Ganges, the feature explores the journey of two lost souls who find answers to their long-held questions. Film even though moves at narrative of lost and found love but ultimately the way it has been captured on camera makes it mystical journey.

Visuals and Music has been beautifully integrated into the narration.... some very intense moment captured in expression of characters and tasteful shots taken to depict the vows of its character.... Banaras Ghat and the past that leads to discovery of true identities towards end is what the film ends up with....

But is that an End ? Or is that the Beginning of New Journey ? "
- Harry Johal

Team behind the project :-

Writer Director Akash Khurana has written over 20 screenplays, including “Aashiqui” that fetched him the Filmfare award. He has also conducted workshops on Acting and Screenwriting. His work in television includes screenwriting for over 200 episodes with directors like Ramesh Sippy and Sridhar Kshirsagar, and acting in about 15 TV serials covering nearly 50 episodes.

The veteran actor-writer-director made his first screen appearance in Shyam Benegal’s cult classic “Kalyug” (1981) and has played character roles in nearly 60 films such as “Saaransh,” “Sarfarosh” and “Barfii.” He won the Nandi award of Andhra Pradesh for playing the lead in the Telugu film “Dr Ambedkar.” In theatre, he has worked extensively with Satyadev Dubey, Sunil Shanbag and Naseeruddin Shah, directing and acting in plays by Moliere, Pinter, Mamet, Mrozek, Kundera, Tendulkar, Shakespeare, Shaw and Beckett.

The creative producer is Kireet Khurana, who graduated from Sheridan College, Canada in a three-year filmmaking program. He is credited with the screenplay and direction of six-time international awards-winning feature film, “T for Taj Mahal.”

Producer Pravesh Sippy is known to the industry for over 30 years. After studying films at the San Francisco Art Institute and assisting fabled editor-duo Waman- Guru in Mumbai, Sippy produced five hit Hindi movies and subsequently forayed into international co production ventures, like the Indo-Finnish film “The Real Mc Coy.” He was associate producer in 31 award-winning feature films, including “Mukti Bhawan.” “Square Circle” (TIME Magazine’s top 10 pick with a World premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and US premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival). Sippy’s father, the late N.N. Sippy, founded the banner of N.N. Sippy Productions in 1959 and has made over 20 hit films, introducing, among others, directors Subhash Ghai and K. Vishwanath to Hindi cinema.

“River of Love” has music by Arjun Nair with the theme song composed by  Indira Naik. The film got Best Sound Design to Savita Nambrath

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