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What do you get when you combine passion and God-given skill? None other than the artist DaRil.
Author CarryOnHarry
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Saturday - October 31, 2020 6:31 pm Views 291      291     
What do you get when you combine passion and God-given skill? None other than the artist DaRil.
A New Orleans native, Damon "DaRil" Nailer serves as a prolific entertainer, talented producer, and creative songwriter. He possesses excellent showmanship as a performer and as a songwriter he is a genius when it comes to utilizing descriptive lyrics to tell stories and paint vivid mental pictures for the listener. He is very skilled at relating and connecting well with a wide range of audiences. He has conducted hundreds of shows at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, juvenile correctional facilities, coffeehouses, religious institutions, awards shows, conferences, showcases, malls, TV shows, concerts, festivals, senior citizen programs, fraternal organization functions, and business seminars.

1999 R U Ready (Single) 2000 R U Ready (LP) 2001 Christmas CD- A Jing Jing Thing (EP) 2003 Strictly Divine (LP) 2008 Holy Hip-Hop Volume 6 Compilation 2010 Conception & Rebirth (LP) 2011 Christmas Jubilation (Single) 2012 Who Dat Baby (Single) 2012 Tiger Tune (Commercial Track) 2012 Right Here (Collaboration) 2015 Verseatility (Mix-tape) 2015 Savior (Single) 2018 All Hail the King (Collaboration) 2020 L.I.F.E. (EP) November

In his 6th studio recording L.I.F.E., DaRil puts his versatility and skills on full display for the world to see. Featuring great storytelling, thought provoking concepts, and brilliant production, this amazing musical composition is sure to have a tremendous impact on the masses. Prepare yourself for intellectual stimulation with songs like America which paints a highly descriptive
picture of a complex country that has many different sides and segments, and L.I.F.E which reveals the various challenges and dilemmas that we face during life’s journey, such as frustration, temptation, pain, greed, and poverty. Get ready for emotional inspiration with songs such as Game Time that urges the listener to prepare for his/her one shot at success and stardom, and Cruisin which takes the listener on a smooth and funky ride from state to state throughout
the U.S.

The remaining vocal tracks on L.I.F.E. share specific, actual events experienced by DaRil, and the various predicaments we are all currently facing as global citizens.

As a surprise, to top off and balance this amazing project, DaRil has included some dynamic,ingenious, upbeat, and unique instrumental tracks that are sure to keep you rocking for years to come.

All in all, this project is destined to be an instant classic and must hear.

Media Quotes & Acclaims

"You have created several awesome tracks and when I had listened to your tracks, I hear the
stories in your rhythm and rhyme, especially in “Paradise “and “Thug Story”." D.Cox
"I've been listening to your music. It's very uplifting with a great beat, even my little 17-monthold daughter thinks so. She was dancing to your music." M. Hilliard
“His musical style uplifts the audience with subjects ranging from life lessons to spirituality.
Solid beats with meaningful lyrics allow this hip hop artist and songwriter to stand out from the
pack. From checking out his tracks, I can tell how he can be a very moving performer.” Paul

“Your song titled “Thug Story” was an example of real life growing up in poverty with the
results ending in jail time. It definitely has a message for the ones that are incarcerated and a “Do
Not try this” message for those that may not have experienced that route in life. Your vocal
sound is clear, your ability to write a good rap song is undoubtedly, and your choice of music
had a clear sound as if it had a light mix. It was a great track for this particular story. I would
continue writing good songs and continue to send out positive messages to the youth, because
you do have a gift of telling a story.” Street Motivation Magazine

”Cruisin” is an ode from all the way back to the 90’s style of Hip Hop. Warren G and Nate
Dogg (RIP) style. I like the mellow vibe and this song leads the way for how normal life will
look like when this pandemic is over. You are just cruising around with your friends with no
worries in the world. Llewelyn Screen

Website- www.rilmusic.co
Facebook- www.facebook.com/darilmusic
Twitter- www.twitter.com/daril1
Instagram- www.instagram.com/damon.nailer
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Pm0IOn37L7XmNbd2cL3Mz?si=r2L_xt5rQkS0QHVGDveuVA
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