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Two Inspiring Books That Show A Way Through the Darkness to a Light-and-Spirit Filled Future
Author CarryOnHarry
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Thursday - June 25, 2020 10:12 pm Views 897      897     
Two Inspiring Books That Show A Way Through the Darkness to a Light-and-Spirit Filled Future
Rebecca Thompson, then known as Becky, was, on the surface, living a picture-perfect life. A highly regarded engineer at Eastman Kodak in Rochester New York, three happy growing kids, a great house, couple of dogs and an attractive husband who was successful and sought after as a structural engineer. But all was actually far from perfect, he had an over- fondness for beer.
While this didn't seem to be out of control in the first dozen years of their lives together, as his own business began to come apart, the drinking accelerated. In the aftermath of its dissolution, leaving Becky to clean up the financial mess, he uprooted the family to take a job in North Carolina. Becky, always steady, always reliable, always problem solving, always the perfect wife and mother, carried on-until his first DUI.
And that's where Rebecca Rising begins....this powerful, novelistic and highly-readable memoir isn't so much the story of a marriage that comes apart, but the chronicle of a woman who slowly awakens to herself through the crucible of her marriage. But it is how she does it that makes this remarkable book so immensely interesting, compelling and actually, entertaining.
Beginning as a typical, skeptical engineer, Becky had no experience, nor knowledge, nor faith in metaphysics or the magic of the soul. But "invitations" in the form of colleagues, coaches, classes, books, opportunities and amazing synchronicities orchestrated a gradual awareness that opened her up and began an exploration that ultimately excavated and elevated her true self.
In a journey that took her through spiritual coaching, psychic readings, dowsing, Reiki, Tarot, shamanism, spirit animals and-- most astonishing--with conversations with the moon, the personification of the Goddess Diana, she found the courage to end her marriage and truly love herself. It's a valiant victory and you cheer for her as you share this very vividly told experience. And, ultimately, her final emergence as REBECCA, living her new life in California, a single, powerful and happy self-aware woman, following her own heart.
But this story wouldn't also be as potent without the spotlight on the incredible decades of deep abiding friendship between Rebecca and Darlene Ryan that sustained Becky/Rebecca during all the darkest moments. And while it is threaded throughout Rebecca Rising, it comes into full focus in the book that they have written together. Sundays at 8:30: Two Decades of Life Planning.

Drawn together at Kodak by their shared interests and similar personalities, they helped each other advance through the company, while developing a deep personal bond. But when they were introduced to the High Performance Management Technology process, which guided them to set very definitive plans and goals for the 
future from an intentional and visionary standpoint, they agreed to work the process as a duo, meeting in person twice a year, and on a call every Sunday night at  8:30... without fail. 

This book, told in alternating form by each woman, illuminates how that planning manifested growth and expansion for each of them in the following categories: Mental, Physical, Financial, Social, Home and Family, Career and Spiritual-over the course of two decades...and continues to this day. This lively, shorter book is filled with wisdom and is a tribute to their passionate commitment to the process and to each other. It's an ideal companion book to Rebecca Rising, but also stands on its own as a way to create your own personal expansion and an intentioned future.
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