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The second of five versions of the new single from Gionathan
Author Media Associates Of CarryOnHarry Talk Show
Tuesday - June 23, 2020 7:10 pm
The second of five versions of the new single from Gionathan
The second act of an original music project is staged today. 

Just three weeks ago was released Corro e Basta, the new single by the eclectic Italian artist Gionathan, and today the song returns producted in a completely different style. The track will continue its evolution at every release, for a total of five versions that will go out three weeks apart one another.

Today is the turn of the aggressive, raw, gritty Rock Version.

The song Corro e Basta in an ironic dedication to those people who are always ready to give you unnecessary advice. This kind of "friends" realize your problems, but it never really want to help you or to be your solution.

As John C. Maxwell said: “When you want to do something, there will always be someone who tells you not to do it; when he sees that he cannot hold you back, he will tell you how to do it, and finally, when he sees that you succeed, he will tell you that he has always believed in you”

Today come out also a live performance of the song that combines the two versions already published. The video was recorded on January 31st for the last television concert of the VeNew274 series, that was then interrupted due to the COVID-19 health emergency in Italy.

Corro e Basta (Original Version) 
Official Video
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