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Dr Ava Eagle Brown is a world-renowned master coach, multi-award winning international speaker and author
Friday - March 10, 2017 6:21 am
Dr Ava Eagle Brown is a world-renowned master coach, multi-award winning international speaker and author
Studio Carry On Harry , Singapore :

Multi-award winning International Speaker, Author and Transformation mindset coach, Dr Ava Eagle Brown is in a class by herself. She is the author of her memoir The Mango Girl soon to be a feature film, featured in various press such as the Financial Times. Ava has moved from incest, rape, failed marriages and being homeless to a household name globally.

She has been featured in the Financial Times, Guardian just to name a few of the press that has sought to have words from this great country girl turned corporate queen.

Out of her journey, Ava has created Awakening Your Lifes Purpose, Purpose Walk and the Get Your Book Out of Your Gut Programmes with the view of helping others maximise their truest potential and claim their BEST LIFE.

She has helped over 28 individuals rewrite their stories in less than a year, some of these authors of having gone on to being featured in media globally and have started their journey of transforming others.

Ava operates on an ethos of transformation through mindset mastery. She seeks to empower others to understand that the word IMPOSSIBLE means I”M POSSIBLE – thus helping them claim the lives they were meant to live, a life of abundance, joy, peace and success.

The love, desire, and passion Ava has to see others come out of the RUT and claim their best self, stands at the CORE of her WHY. Her style of being truly transparent, authentic, enthusiastic and welcoming are all part of her success. She has often referred the UK’s answer to Lisa Nichols Oprah Winfrey.

Contact : www.avaeaglebrown.com
@avabrown24 twitter
dr.avabrown24 Instagram

The biography of Ava Eagle Brown reads like a testimonial for her transformational books and speaking engagements. She is an author, motivational, empowerment and transformational speaker, NLP qualifies coach and actress. Her credits include writing, life coaching, consulting and mother to two children. Drawing on her own experiences, she assists others to reach their full potential through determination and tapping into their greatness. She shows others how to achieve and break down barriers regardless of background, colour , or their past. Ava shares her own story with her clients in order to inspire and challenge.

Early Life

Ava's early life was spent in poor rural Jamaica. At times she was unable to attend school, because of the need to work for food instead. Her inner strength carried her through adolescence when she experienced incest and sexual abuse. As a young adult, she was held at gunpoint, which led her to escape from Jamaica in order to protect her mental health. Instead of giving up under the harsh and disappointing experiences, she called upon her resilience and love for her native country in order to become a strong and self-reliant woman. She has been a powerful voice in helping others in our society to break the cycle of poverty and its effects. 


Ms. Brown has overcome the lack of educational opportunities in her early life. Her first MBA was earned from Newport University California. She earned a second MBA from University of Wales. Ava also has a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of the West Indies Mona, Jamaica.

Writing Career

Ms. Brown has several books which she has authored. The autobiography of her early life is entitled “Bamboo & Fern”. She writes for a Caribbean magazine which has exposure in several countries. Her Her column is called Avas Courtyard (http://caribbeannewsservice.com/now/avas-courtyard-would-you-marry-for-love-or-money/ ). She regularly contributes to the education magazine, “Be Magazine” published in West Africa and to “The Children Hope Newspaper” on topics such as“Hope for this Generation“ and “Location and Education” to name a few. Her articles have been featured in “The Financial Times”, “The Guardian”, “The Voice Newspaper” and “The Jamaican Gleaner”.

She is the co-author of “Born For This: The Journey To Success In Life, Love and Business”. The book is a tribute to everyone who has tried and failed, to everyone who took on something new and felt the fear of failure and the exhilaration of success. This book is here to remind us that failure and success are not separate from each other as we have been taught, it is here to highlight the fact that you can’t get to success without experiencing failure. It is natural and normal; we are made to experience life through a series of refining moments, until we reach our desired goals. Failure is just an indicator that we are not there yet. 

Her most recent collaboration is with friends. They plan to publish a long-anticipated recipe book which will contain examples of her favourite treats. 

Avas newest book is “The Musings & Thoughts of Ava Brown: A Collection of Personal Thoughts and Conversations”. In this book Ava shares her personal space with her readers about various issues. Some are difficult to talk about generally, to include love, marriage, being a single mother and missing home. Her books can be purchased at www.avabrown.org and Amazon.com. 

Speaking Engagements

Ava Brown is an international empowerment and transformational speaker. She is a woman of many talents and is a speaker, trainer, coach and global business development manager. Ava has been featured on Decision and various international radio shows.

Other Interests

The author and coach was recently awarded Inspirational Role Model awards 2015, nominated for London Leadership Peace Award, Motivational Speaker , Author and was a finalist for Fashion Fair Diva Author of Colour International Women’s Day 2015. Over the years Ava has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities namely: education, finance, maritime, telecoms and business development before deciding to embark on her own business. She currently works as a coach, mentor, and motivational speaker, as well as helping businesses develop and grow. In addition to her multiple work activities, she is actively involved in assisting African students in accessing tertiary education in the UK, via distance learning. 

She enjoys reading, writing and music, given her strong Jamaican background. Ava is an extremely motivated and driven individual who now resides in London with her daughter Chardonae Elizabeth and son Mikhel Kai.

Words To Live By

Ava lives by the motto: “Sometimes life will throw you down. However, you must find the will power to pull yourself up above your circumstances.” She believes that everything is about correct timing and tapping into the Universe for that which you need. Opportunities will knock, but we have to be able to recognize them and take full advantage.

Achievements / Awards:
•    Finalist Black Entertainment Film Fashion & Television Awards for best author
•    Interviewed on The Towanda Show Arizona USA
•    Interviewed on Its All Black Radio NY
•    Interviewed on Mumpreneurs Anne Bona ITunes
•    Interviewed on Its Just Us Radio Atlanta
•    Interviewed in HonestMum Magazine
•    Interviewed in Sewafolie Magazine
•    Interviewed on Radio Diamond UK
•    Nominated Finalist Woman4AFrica Awards Author
•    Nominated Finalist Inspirational Role Model Dream Street Awards
•    Interviewed On The Angie Le Mar Show on Premiere Radio London 
•    Appeared on The Posh Dee Show London
•    Acted in Enchained The Movie
•    Featured The British Black List
•    Featured Ben TV Sky London
•    Colourful Radio London


•    Graduated with MBA University of Wales
•    Featured in The Financial Times London
•    Featured in The Guardian London
•    Featured in The Voice Newspaper London
•    Featured in The Gleaner Jamaica
•    Featured in Family Friendly Working magazine
•    Featured in Croydon Advertiser London
•    Appeared on the TV Programme Profile TVJ Jamaica
•    Interviewed on Kemet 95 FM Nottingham
•    Interviewed On The Empress Show Blogtalk Radio
•    Interviewed in Caribbean News Service
•    Guest Speaker Merton Success Awards
•    Nominated Finalist Diva of Colour Author

To reach her please email info@avabrown.org or visit www.avabrown.org
@avabrown24 Twitter

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